How to Get Out of the Snare of Online Gambling for Young People

How to Get Out of the Snare of Online Gambling for Young People

Online gambling is a bad habit that harms the body. Apart from draining property, online gambling can also attack mental health. In medical terms, online gambling addiction is called "pathologic gambling". Gambling addiction is a problem that is classified as an addiction disorder in the field of psychiatry and is classified as a behavioral addiction.

This means that, like drug or alcohol addiction, gambling addiction can change brain chemistry and structure and cause physical and psychological side effects. One of the main reasons why online gambling is so addictive is because it provides an instant and constant reward system. Unlike traditional gambling, where players have to physically go to a casino or betting shop and wait for the results of a game or race, online gambling platforms offer 24-hour access to a wide range of games and betting options.

This can be especially dangerous for people who are prone to impulsivity and risk-taking behavior, as they may find it difficult to stop gambling once they start gambling. Another problem with online gambling is that it is often associated with other mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety. This is because people struggling with this condition may turn to gambling as a way to cope with negative emotions and feelings of isolation and loneliness. Unfortunately, gambling can exacerbate these problems by creating a cycle of addiction and debt that is difficult to break.

How to Get Out of the Snare of Online Gambling for Young People 

1. Intention to Stop Gambling 

Everything starts with intention. If you want to stop gambling, from now on make up your determination and will to stop this misleading game. If you have a strong determination, this can be the main capital and strength to be able to get rid of gambling forever.

2. Getting Closer to the Creator

The next step in stopping gambling is to draw closer to God. Regularly praying and reading scriptures calms the mind and prevents bad thoughts from making us gamble again.

Getting closer to the Creator also increases our level of faith. If you are determined to stay away from gambling and have faith, then no matter how interesting and tempting this game is, it will not be able to shake your decision to stop gambling forever.

3. Change your mindset 

The next way is to change your patterns and way of thinking. Remember, gambling is pointless. Changing your way of thinking is not as easy as turning your hand. Especially if your addiction is too serious.

If you really want to stop gambling, express that desire to the people around you who still care and love you. Ask for their support to motivate you to stop this bad habit.

The support of people around you will enable you to stop gambling. Apart from that, if you regularly discuss and exchange ideas with people you care about, your patterns and ways of thinking will get better as time goes by.

4. Gathering with Family

Spending a lot of time with your family will make you feel happy and not think about gambling. Support from those closest to you, especially family, is the best motivator to stop gambling forever.

5. Hang out with Good People

If you really want to stop gambling, avoid hanging out with people who encourage you to gamble. Find a new group of friends who provide a positive influence and help pull us out of the gambling trap. 

6. Changing Lifestyle

Young people who are addicted to gambling usually have a luxurious lifestyle and because of this lifestyle they get caught up in gambling. They always want to perform above their means, so they will do anything to fulfill this luxurious lifestyle, including gambling. If you really want to stop gambling, simplify your lifestyle now. 

Show and act according to your abilities. Don't force what you can't get. Life doesn't always require luxury. These things are just symbols, those who use them may not be rich and affluent people. They may be people who are trying to look rich when they are not. The bottom line is that as long as we can buy food, live and wear clothes without going into debt, we have enough money to live without having to earn extra money through illegal means, including gambling.

7. Looking for a New Hobby

Find other activities that are more rewarding, positive and challenging than gambling. You can adopt new habits and hobbies, such as exercising, traveling and reading books. New hobbies and habits will make you stop gambling and keep yourself busy.

8. Work hard

Working hard or keeping yourself busy with other positive activities will give you a little free time to daydream and think about gambling. Apart from that, by working diligently, it will be easier for you to pay off debts caused by gambling.

9. Paying Off Debt

Paying off gambling debts can motivate you to work harder and stabilize your family's financial situation. Stable economic conditions minimize the desire to play to earn more money.

10. Positive Thinking 

The most important thing to stop gambling is to always think positively. Don't think about things that make you depressed and stressed. Surrender your life to God. As long as you try to work, your life is fine.


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